Cooperative horse

Cooperative horse: Beach Hay-cation

Welcome to Cooperative Horse: Beach Hay-cation! There’s lots to do on Horse Island, so get ready to stirrup some fun! You’ve arrived just in time for the Annual Pinto Colada Cup, a cooperative squat race on the beach. Racing not your speed? Whinny down at the cabana and mix slushies for your friends. Smash a pineapple pinata or play beach volleyball! You can also relax to the tunes of our local crab band or chill to DJ Crustacean’s tropical beats. Or maybe you’d like to see the sights by parachuting from the hot air balloon above? Whatever your delights, may we recommend exploring the farthest reaches of the island? You never know what surprises you might find.

The world accommodates 8 people and will appeal to those who like worlds with many activities and games, both cooperative and competitive, with a little twist of silly humour.

Cooperative Horse: Beach Hay-cation was our 2022 Meta Horizon #POPMJAM submission!

Available to play at meta horizon worlds

My contributions to Cooperative Horse: Beach Hay-cation include music composition, game design, modelling, and animation.

cooperative horse:
knights of the round stable

Every year, the Knights of the Round Stable gather with unbridled enthusiasm for the Spring Tournament to see which among them is the fastest and bravest. They prove their skills by racing each other through the four corners of their hoofdoom, concluding the race at King Horthur’s castle. The winner receives the Golden Mane of Glory, which gives them the honor of leading the Horse Knights to defend the kingdom. Become a Horse Knight, and prove yourself in the Spring Tournament today!

Available to play at meta horizon worlds

My contributions to Cooperative Horse: Knights of the Round Stable include music composition and QA testing.