“Who can we become when we belong?”

Discover how gender and sexuality bias affect identity development in STEM education through an interactive narrative virtual reality experience where your choices shape the environment. Transform the space to show who we can become when we tap into our memories through interactions with meaningful objects and re-story our lives and our world towards belonging.

Mementorium is an Oculus Launch Pad 2019 Scholarship recipient. Development for Mementorium is supported by Oculus from Facebook.

What could I have become?

What can I still become?

Explore a memory…

Explore gender and sexuality-based marginalization through interactive, branching narrative and immersive, spatial exploration of objects.

Learn how identity development is impacted and ways to move through adversity while acknowledging harm.

In-Game Capture
In-Game Capture

Imagine a world …

Each branching narrative concludes with a choice that transforms the story and allows us to find the strength to move forward while still acknowledging the harm done.

The player returns to the bedroom to find it transformed by a piece of the magical realm that they have brought back.

Mementorium Vertical Slice Trailer

Mementorium Trailer
In-Game Screenshot of Magical Realm


In Mementorium, the player wakes up in their childhood bedroom. They explore the room and find memorable objects called mementos. When the user interacts with them in specific ways, this can trigger a memory. This could include brushing their hair with the hairbrush, petting a stuffed animal, or typing on a computer.

Interacting with these objects triggers a memory of a past experience of harm. The player is then teleported to a magical realm where the memento is further interacted with through a branching narrative.

They then make choices that delve further into the memory, fully uncovering what happened and how they were affected.

The player is then faced with a final choice: how to re-story the narrative. The player chooses an option that will acknowledge the harms done but, using narrative therapy techniques, will also offer a way to move forward. 

The player is then teleported back to the bedroom, but a piece of the magical realm returns with them as a representation of their re-storied narrative. 

The player can then select another memento, another memory or another room.

In-Game Screenshot of Magical Realm

Mementorium is a project with the Queer Code Collective. Our team works collaboratively on all aspects of design decisions. This means that our different areas of expertise, our interests, and our various perspectives shape all aspects of the work. Then we divide development work according to our areas of expertise and learning interests. Our decision making process is designed to balance equity (where everyone has a say and influence) and expertise (where multiple knowledges and skilled experience are valued).

Dylan Paré

Creative Director

Scout Windsor

Art Director

John Craig


Mementorium Cover Art